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We are present where your project is, with over 2500 cabins in nearly 70 locations in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark

Advantages of Smart Stay

  • Affordable

  • Flexibility

  • Free parking right outside the door


Customized Solutions for Your Business

We help you tailor a solution that suits you and your business.


Practical, Comfortable, and Homelike

Our guests appreciate the experience of staying away while enjoying the comfort of home.


Discover All Our Smart Stay Destinations.

Over 60 destinations from north to south. Explore our entire selection here.

Better Accommodations for Innovative Businesses

Smart Stay is the increasingly preferred cost-effective accommodation choice for businesses and organizations. We offer over 2000 cabins in natural environments close to the city, from Boden in the north to Danish Frigård in the south, complete with private parking right outside your door and excellent transportation links. Smart, practical, and comfortable.


Accommodation quality and choice at a reasonable price. That's Smart Stay.

Smart Stay not only offers cabin accommodations that will satisfy the finance manager, but also provides freedom and closeness to nature, aspects that regular hotel stays seldom offer

Many of our cabins are fully equipped with living rooms, separate bedrooms featuring comfortable double beds, and complete kitchens. Others are simpler, featuring more Spartan single rooms with bunk beds and kitchenettes. We have an option to suit every need.

Selected Destinations

Arcus – Luleå

First Camp Arcus – Luleå is open all year round. Here one can expect a unique natural life, so come equipped with your fishing rods and you could find lavaret (white fish), trout and pike in the Lule river to take home for your evening dinner.

Västerås - Mälaren

Västerås – Mälaren

Picturesque First Camp Västerås – Mälaren is beautifully located right by Lake Mälaren. Here you can enjoy a modern destination with many amenities in relaxing surroundings for the whole family. For those longing for an extra touch of luxury, there is also a relaxation area with a sauna. In addition, the site has a service shop and our First Camp Bistro.

Lilleby – Göteborg 

Naturally beautiful seaside camping 30 minutes from Gothenburg

Aarhus - Jylland

Aarhus – Jylland

Aarhus is perfect for those looking for holiday accommodations in peaceful natural surroundings, but with the opportunity to reach Aarhus within minutes. This scenic destination is green as far as the eye can see, with rolling hills and natural beauty. Visit the nearby green spaces and rich wildlife on foot or by bicycle.

Nickstabadet – Nynäshamn

First Camp Nickstabadet – Nynäshamn is located close to Nynäshamns popular beach. With a good atmosphere and many fun activities this is a place for the whole family to enjoy their holiday. You will reach the city of Stockholm within an hour by car and if you would like also go by ferry to Gotland, Poland and Latvia.

Sibbarp - Malmö

Sibbarp – Malmö

Spend your holiday at a beautiful campsite in Malmö, overlooking the Öresund Bridge and within cycling distance of the city. At First Camp Sibbarp – Malmö you can combine a city holiday with relaxation and lovely days on the seafront.

Björknäs – Boden

Welcome to our idyllic campsite, First Camp Björknäs – Boden, which is open year-round. During the summer Boden offers gorgeous sunshine and swimming in beautiful Bodträsket Lake. During the wintertime, the area is transformed into a true winter wonderland. The campsite offers housing to suit every need and budget, both with fine camping lots for caravans, motor homes and tents, along with lovely cabins to fit the entire family.

Solvik – Kungshamn

Not many things compare to the sea view from First Camp Solvik – Kungshamn. Here you camp royally with Bohuslän and Best Coast at your feet.